Delta Humic is unique product from Delta Biotec


Humic acid
vulfic acid
potassium 3%

Adding Ratios
Adding ratio
2 lit / feddan
3 lit / feddan
1 lit / 1000 m 2
  Every month
1 lit / 100 lit water
GREEN HOUSES 1 lit / green house 540 m 2       3

The previous analysis represents one of Delta biotec tests to ensure only the product quality and this is not the final results. Analysis may differ from sample to onother according to the working conditions; all rights are reserved to Delta biotec to change specifications according to the research results without any responsibility towards the client.

A 100 % organic product extracted from raw leonardite highly oxidized, it contains 12% humic acid, 2% active vulfic acid and the macro & micro nutrients,Due to its special atomic structure and the presence of negative charges , it can absorb the macro & micro nutrients from soil and facilitate its transport to the plant in an easy form which lead to an increase of roots growth & the vegetative growth of plant therefore increasing the crop production.


1- Humic acid stimulates seed germination and viability,and root respiration , formation & growth.
2- Humic acid increase the protein and mineral contents of most crops.
3- Humic acid produce thicker,greener,and healthier crops.
4- Humic acid contains up to 5,000 calories per gram providing energy that can be used for plant growth.
5- Humic acid improves the retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients thereby reducing the loss of applied fertilizers from leaching and run off.
6- Humic acid stimulates beneficial microbial activity and root growth.
7 - Humic acid promotes nutrient uptake by plants in hydroponic production.
8- Humic acid increases penetration and retention of calcium in soil.
9- Humic acid increases the cation exchange capacity ( CEC ).
10- Humic acid stabilize the soil against increased acidi~ from fertilizer applications.
11- Humic acid breaks up unproductive clay soils, turning them into profitable soils.
12- Humic acid increases aeration of the soil.
13- Humic acid promotes the development of good soil structure.
14- Humic acid increases the water holding capacity of soil, therefore it helps plants resist droughts and produces better crops in reduced water conditions.