Welcome to the official website of Delta Bio Tec. Co. the leading recycling company in the Middle East

Delta Bio Tec was founded in 1988 as a private company, its principal activity is recycle solid wastes of various kinds. It began its actual activity in the same year through a central recycle unit.

The company has many different stages during the first twenty years of age and has moved from success to success to become the largest company to recycle organic matters to be converted into organic fertilizers (cpmpost) in Egypt and the Middle East through our factories in Egypt and many co-operations in many Arab countries.

Delta Bio Tec company operates through an integrated system based on the structure of administrative and technical competencies has the highest in this field and through cooperation with many, Italian, German and Japanese agencies and institutions.

Our production capacity is more than one hundred and fifty thousand tons of fertilizer(organic compost) per year in addition to many other products devised by the company to complement its product range, which covers all the sectors of agriculture different from the orchards and plantations are protected as the company produces many products that meet the needs of the gardens, distinguished products that enabled the company to penetrate the markets of many Arab and European countries.
We praise God for what we achieved today, after the capital of the company reached to more than thirty million and after the company became a member of the Delta Group of Companies that are wholly owned by us through a closed family business.

I am pleased and delighted as well as seven hundred person who are working in our group of companies to be always there for our customers who always added value to us and were crucial element in our success for over twenty-four years.

Sincere greetings
Ayman Shorbagy

Delta bio tec